The Bluebird Travel Chair is a unique folding wheelchair, specifically designed to be compact and ideal for transportation and storage. The innovative folding mechanism allows for this wheelchair to be folded in on itself and into a remarkably small, easy to lift package. 


Through its folding system, the Bluebird is convenient for storage either indoors, or even in the car boot when space for luggage is also necessary. However, don’t be put off by the fact that it’s a travel chair - the Bluebird chair has many features which are unlike generic travel chairs. This wheelchair comes with larger, 12” rear wheels and 8” front wheels, which makes it much more comfortable for users, particularly when using it outdoors. It is ideal for use around shopping centres, when at the airport or train stations or wherever a wheelchair may be required.

This chair also comes with a handy storage bag for carrying shopping and daily necessities, as well as flip-back armrests for added comfort. 

A Bit More About Its Construction


The Bluebird Travel chair is made from lightweight aluminium and weighs just 10kg (1.5st) without the footrest hangers. This makes it easier to carry and transport. However, despite its low weight, the Bluebird is a durable and robustness chair, with the ability to support user weights of up to 120kg.

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Bluebird Travel Chair


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