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The Karma Condor wheelchair is a lightweight bariatric wheelchair  with an innovative folding mechanism.. It is extremely adjustable to ensure the user feels completely comfortable in the chair Perfect for a user of a weight up to 39 stone. The wheelchair is light for transport and the unique folding mechanism allows its weight to be carried.


Max seat width choice on this model is 26 –  28 or 30 inch


The frame is lightweight aluminium, making the wheelchair easy to manoeuvre and manage with custom features including adjustable backrest angle and height, adjustable seat depth and seat to ground height and adjustable rear wheel position. The chair also has optional slowing brakes so the attendant doesn’t need to worry about control on hills and slopes.


Your wheelchair is not just about getting around, it should aid you independence.The wheelchair might go everything you do, or it might just be a helping hand in the shops, it should fit in to your way of life, not the other way around. A good wheelchair should have plenty of features and style. The durable construction of the wheelchair will keep you feeling safe, stable and comfortable. The Karma Condor wheelchair is truly low-maintenance wheelchair with a Hugh range of option build. The wheelchair folds width-ways to a compact shape, substantially reducing its size for transportation, while the strong finish on the frame stands up to scrapes and knocks

Please note this is a prescription wheelchair, the Karma Condor Wheelchair is a highly adjustable and can be configured to suit the user.


The adjustments include: seat to ground height, rear wheel position, backrest angle, armrest height and seat depth. The brakes on this wheelchair have a slow release system to go with the quick release wheels, which only aids the maneuverability of this chair when someone is seated.

You should consider assessment via wheelchair services or a trained OT before you purchase this wheelchair

BT10 Condor Wheelchair

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