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This ultra light weight wheelchair weighs in at just 10.4kgs in total making it one of the lightest self propelled wheelchairs on the market today. Being light in weight has not compromised its long list of impressive features nor the level of comfort that it offers. The Q20 wheelchair has the patented S-Ergo seating system which gives support, reduces the risk of slipping and provides high levels of comfort throughout the day.


The Q20 wheelchair from Karma Mobility with S-Ergo seating

The S-Ergo seating system works so well by spreading the weight and redistributing pressure to prevent sores and discomfort. Further more it uses the AEGIS Microbe Shield fabric which prevents the accumulation of bacteria’s that can cause odours and staining.


Other features also address both safety and user comfort including swing out footrest hangers that make standing and transfers easier. A foldable back rest that allows this wheelchair to pack in to small spaces like car boots for easy transportation or for storage. The arm pads are desk length and padded, and the rear wheels are quick release for easy transportation. When the wheels and foot rests are removed, this wheelchair weighs just 7.7kgs.


Finally, the Q20 wheelchair from Karma Mobility comes with progressive attendant brakes that make slowing and stopping the wheelchair easy. Overall we think this is one of the best lightweight self propelled wheelchairs on the market today.

Ergo Lite 2 Ultra lightweight Slf Propell Wheel chair

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