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  • The Illusion is a revolutionary lightweight but strong scooter which can be disassembled into parts for easy lifting, the heaviest part weighing less than 10kg (similar to a bag of shopping)  The complete chassis is manufactured from ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium for optimum durability ensuring top quality. Taking around 30 seconds to reassemble it ensures you won’t be wasting any of your valuable time. It also features an ultra-lightweight lithium battery that is both accessible and simple to remove so you can easily move it to a preferred charging location. A second charging port is located in the tiller which allows for easy access when disassembling is not needed. The scooter also has a powerful LED light for lower light driving conditions. The tiller is height adjustable and the shallow floor plate helps provide exceptional legroom even for the taller users. Furthermore, Illusion is also available with three Lithium sizes, a standard, an endurance and epic battery pack allowing you to double or triple your travel distance for those longer journeys.  Not only super light, the unique shrouding is of contemporary design. The advanced engineered full front and rear suspension complete with the comfortable and spacious deep foam covered seat gives a fantastically enjoyable driving experience. Together with the secure-grip delta handlebar, which gives you full control over manoeuvring the scooter, it is incredibly easy to use.


    Illusion Endurance 22Ah Lithium Battery

    • Key Features:

      • Complete chassis made from ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium
      • All-round suspension giving exceptional comfort
      • Designed for lifting in and out of the car boot with ease
      • Very light lithium battery pack available in three sizes
      • Easy to take apart and reassemble in seconds
      • Shallow floor plate offers great leg room even for the taller user 
      • Off-board via battery box allows you to keep the scooter in house and charge the battery pack in doors
      • Easy grip delta handlebar gives you full control when manoeuvring
      • Comfortable and spacious deep foam covered seat
      • Great range of colour options for next day delivery
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