The Invacare Fox is a true enabler. A capable, safe and versatile power chair, the Fox is also compact, foldable and customisable, making it ideal for users who want the benefits of an outdoor powerchair with the convenience of an indoor or folding chair.
The Fox is quick to set up/fold down which makes it much easier to travel with. In addition the Fox comes with 4 built-in crash tested tie-down attachment points, for use when the user wishes to remain seated while travelling in a compatible vehicle. To add to the Fox's flexibility, the entire unit can be manually tipped when folded and manoeuvred, making it even easier to handle.
The Fox is available as 'Fox in a Box' - a pre-configured version of the Fox that can be delivered rapidly from stock. Choose from four seat sizes.
The LiNX control system is now standard on the Fox, which provides an intuitive driving experience and can be programmed and adjusted wirelessly from a Bluetooth enabled device.
The Fox can be tailored to a wide variety of needs straight out of the box. As such it is possible to have a Fox delivered very quickly upon request. By the same merit the Fox is extensively customisable allowing for the user to travel in comfort and with confidence. The length of the Fox's wheelbase can be adjusted depending on whether the user needs more stability or greater manoeuvrability.
For ultimate customisation and comfort, the Fox is now available with Modulite seating, which allows for complete customisation of the user's position and for extra support to be added if necessary.
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- Quick to set up and highly customisable
- Now available with Modulite seating
- Excellent efficiency and range – up to approx 40km
- LiNX control system as standard




* All size measurements in centimetres (cm)


Seat Width: 

35 / 40 / 45 / 50, adjustable (Standard)

33 to 53, adjustable (Modulite)


Seat Depth: 

40 / 43 / 46 / 49 (Standard)

41 to 51, adjustable (Modulite)


Floor to Seat Height: 48 / 51

Seat Tilt: 0° / 2° / 4° / 6° / 8°, adjustable


Backrest Height: 

49 / 57, adjustable (Standard)

48 to 54 / 56 to 66, adjustable (Modulite)


Backrest Recline: 

85° / 95° / 105° / 115°, adjustable (Standard)

90° to 120° (Modulite)


Speed: 3.6 km/h (2.2 mph)

Battery Size: 34Ah / 40Ah (Gel) (Optional)

Max. Range: 40km

Turning Radius: 82

Max. Safe Slope: 6°


Max. Kurb Climb: 

10 (Standard)

8 (Modulite)


Electronics: LiNX


Maximum User Weight: 127 kg

Total Length: 102 to 105

Total Width: 59


Total Height: 

101 to 112 (Standard)

96 to 106 (Modulite)


Total Weight: 

79 kg (with battery) (Standard)

83 kg (with battery) (Modulite)


Folded Dimensions: 54 x 59 x 54

Warranty: 2 years power module, joystick, motors, 1 year batteries

Invacare Fox


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