The Invacare Storm 4 is a very functional and adaptable chair with a choice of six different shroud colours to choose from you can really make this chair your own.


Comfort and support is a must when you are in a chair for long periods of time, the Invacare Storm 4 has four seating systems offering a wide range of seating options for optimum posture control and comfort. It can also have third party seating fitted for example: Active design Caps II seating, Sunrise Medical Jay Seating, Invacare Matrx, Invacare Flo Tech & Foam Carve Seating. The Invacare Storm 4 is crash tested meaning it can be transported in a vehicle.


The Invacare Storm 4 can also be used as a drive from chair for your WAV (Wheelchair accessible vehicle). We work closely with car adaption companies to insure you find a suitable product. There are so many options available to this chair including 4 mph or 6 mph, lights & indicators, G Trac Technology, I Portal, electric seat riser and tilt, electric seat tilt and many more.


Technical Information

Crash Tested: Yes
Third Party Seating: Yes
Maximum user weight: 160Kg / 23.5 Stone
Width: 595mm
Seating width ModuliteTelescopic: 380mm – 530mm
Seating width Max Seat: 560mm – 600mm
Floor to seat height: 460mm (no seat cushion)
Floor to seat height Max Seat: 460mm, 480mm or 500mm (no seat cushion)
Speed: 4 or 6 MPH
Battery size: 60ah or 73ah

Invacare Storm 4


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