The Invacare Storm4 X-plore is an upgrade to the established Storm4 model of powerchair. Introducing a range of advanced features including Durawatt motors and a max speed of 8 mph, it provides the ultimate level of driving experience, giving you the best outdoor performance. As well as this, Invacare's full range of advanced Modulite seating, including powered positioning upgrades, can be fitted to the Storm4 X-plore, allowing you to enjoy unbeatable comfort and support.


Designed primarily for outdoor use, the Storm4 X-plore is unbeatable in this regards. It offers improved shock absorption and improved traction over even rough ground, giving you maximum freedom to go where you choose. Each wheel has independently adjustable high-end springs that can be set to your individual needs. The X-plore features the latest Durawatt motor technology, providing a smoother, quieter drive that delivers on power and performance, as well as an unrivalled 37 mile range at a top speed of 8 mph. When it comes to driving outdoors, the Storm4 X-plore goes further, faster, and in more comfort than its rivals. It features additional 50mm all-round suspension over the basic Storm4 model at a minimal cost increase, making it the obvious choice.


Invacare's top of the range Modulite seating system can be fitted to the Storm 4, allowing postural support and comfort that can be set exactly to your size and needs. Powered accessories such as a seat lifter, powered tilt and recline, and powered elevating leg rests are all available, as one would expect from such a high-end powerchair. The modular nature of this seating system also allows retro-fitting of accessories and further adjustment at a later date, should your requirements change. Additionally, a Teens Modulite version is available for younger users, in seat widths of 12 - 15" and depths of 12 - 22", to accommodate the body shape of adolescents.


Fully crash-tested, the Storm4 X-plore is suitable for occupied transportation in an adapted vehicle, and is compatible with the Dahl docking station. The backrest can be easily folded down to lower the overall height for storage or unoccupied transport, allowing it to fit in a wider range of vehicles. Further customisations include a choice of solid or pneumatic drive wheels and castors, as well as six different shroud colours available as standard.


The LiNX Simply Smart control system is now available on the Storm4 X-plore, easy to use, and highly expandable with a range of options such as high definition LCD screens. LiNX controls also allow easy post-supply adjustments should your control needs change, and can be fitted with a range of special controls.


The Storm4 X-plore is the ultimate choice for those after the top performing outdoor powerchair that makes no compromises on range, speed or comfort.


Technical Specs

Width (wheelbase) 25 in (63 cm)
Length 47 in (119 cm)
Weight 27.4 st (174 kg)
Drive Rear-wheel
Seat width Adj. 13 - 21 in (33 - 53 cm)
Seat depth Adj. 16 - 20 in (41 - 51 cm)
Seat height 17 - 27 in (44 - 69 cm)
Weight capacity 23.5 st (150 kg)
Suspension Four-wheel individually adjustable
Speed 4 - 8 mph (6 - 13 kmph)
Range 37 miles (59 km)
Transit approved Yes

Invacare Storm4 X-plore


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