An update on the tried and tested TDX model, the Invacare TDX SP2 is a robustly engineered configurable powerchair ideal for those after a solid outdoor performer that can also be used inside too. With a range of seating options, including both Invacare's Modulite and Max seating ranges, the TDX SP2 HD can cater for wheelchair users up to 28 stone, while a Low Rider option allows extremely low seat heights.

The TDX SP2 is comparable to similar high-end indoor and outdoor powerchairs from other manufacturers, including the Sunrise Medical Salsa M and the Pride Quantum range. While wider than the narrow wheelbase "NB" version of the TDX SP2, this variant still has mid-wheel drive, allowing it to turn on the spot, as well as offering greater stability outdoors along with the automatic Stability Lock system. Patented SureStep technology ensures that all six wheels remain on the ground at all time, giving fantastic performance outdoors, complemented by the full suspension.The powerful motors can be upgraded to a 6 or 8 mph speed if required.


The full range of Invacare's Modulite seating system can be fitted, giving postural support and comfort that can be set up to the needs of any user. It is also available with Invacare's Max seating range, with seat widths of up to 24 inches possible. A weight capacity of 28 stone applies to all seating options. The full complement of powered options that one would expect on such a high-end wheelchair are available, including powered lift, tilt, recline and powered elevating legrests. The modular nature of the wheelchair also allows adjustment at a later date, should your requirements change. Additionally, a Teens Modulite version is available for younger users, in seat widths of 12 - 15" and depths of 12 - 22", to accommodate the body shape of adolescents - although generally the increased manoeuvrability of the Narrow Base version is more appropriate for younger users.

This is further complemented by the modern LinX controls available on the TDX, which allow for easy expansion should your requirements change in the future, as well as advanced controls such as the REM400 touch-screen joystick module.


A Low Rider variant has recently been introduced, which has an ultra-low seat height of either 403mm or 420mm. This allows easy access under desks and tables, although it should be noted that the weight capacity is reduced to 25 stone (160 kg). This model is best suited to shorter people who do not need longer leg-rest lengths.


The TDX range has recently been refreshed with a stylish new look, including a choice of 10 shroud colours and 10 wheel insert colours, given you 100 possible colour combinations for your chair.

Ideal for those that require a top performing wheelchair primarily for outdoor use, but also for some inside use, the TDX SP2 is especially suited for people after a wheelchair that can be set up exactly to their requirements, and which can also be adapted at a later date should their needs change. While most people will find the NB version works better for them, due to its narrower base, for heavier people or those making more demanding journeys outdoors, the standard TDX SP2 is likely to work better.


Technical Specs

Width 25.5 in (65 cm)
Length 45.5 in (116 cm)
Weight 24.2 stone (154 kg)
Drive Mid-wheel
Seat width 15 - 24 in (38 - 61 cm)
Seat depth 16 - 24.8 in (41 - 63 cm)
Seat height 17.5 in (45 cm)
Weight capacity 28 st (180 kg)
Suspension Full
Speed 4 to 8 mph (6 or 12 kmph)
Range 24 miles (39 km)
Transit approved Yes

Invacare TDX SP2 HD


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