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  • One Rehab Illusion is currently the lightest scooter on the market, weighing just 28.5 Kg. It fits easily in the car and the heaviest part weighs just 9.9 Kg. Lowest price online.

    • Speed:   4 MPH
    • Range:   10 Miles / 16 Km OR up to 30 Miles with 34 Ah upgrade
    • Weight Limit:   20 Stone / 125 Kg


    Key Features:

    • Ultra lightweight design - 27.9 Kg
    • Suspension for a smoother ride
    • Comes apart easily for transport or storage
    • Headlight for safe travel at night
    • Heaviest part just 9.9Kg
    • High weight capacity for its class - 20 Stone
    • 10 Mile Range - That's around 2.5 Hours at full speed



    • 1 x Brand New Mobility Scooter
    • 1 x Charger
    • 2 x 10 Ah Battery
    • 1 x Manual
    • 2 x Keys



    Let us introduce you to the One Rehab Illusion, weighing just 28.5 Kg it holds the title of being the lightest boot mobility scooter available on the market. It performs great, too, with a 10 mile range & a swift but comfortable speed of 4mph. Unlike anything we've ever seen, the removable lithium battery is unbelievably light and weighs just 0.6 Kg, meaning you could even lift it with one finger! Say goodbye to the days of trying to hoist your mobility scooter into the boot of your car and say hello to convenient travel and the independence you deserve.


    Perfect Portability

    Furthermore, the Illusion has been designed with your convenience in mind so not only is it ridiculously lightweight, but when you dismantle it the heaviest part weighs just 9.9 Kg. After being disassembled, it fits into a car with ease, making your day go smoother and allowing you to travel with confidence.


    No Compromise

    The Illusion is a revolutionary mobility scooter with a focus on being lightweight and utterly portable. But, this doesn't mean it cuts any corners on comfort, because the One Rehab Illusion has that covered too. Featuring all-around adjustable suspension to give you a butter smooth ride over rugged terrain, and a luxury padded seat, you can spend a whole day driving in blissful comfort. The illusion is great to use in the evening or at night with bright LED lights for full visibility of the path ahead. The Illusion is a mobility scooter that suits everyone, the uniquely designed base gives you ample leg room. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you're new to the world of portable scooters or you're looking for an upgrade, the Illusion is the way to go.

    One Rehab Illusion

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