Pronto M41 Power Wheelchair.


Highly functional and incredibly manoeuvrable, the Pronto M41 Power Wheelchair delivers excellent outdoor driving capabilities paired with exceptional indoor navigation. With an infinite number of options, this superb chair can easily be tailored to meet your every need. Mid-wheel drive and innovative SureStep suspension help to create a smooth drive making navigation in even the smallest of spaces a breeze. The Pronto offers a sleek and stylish look as well as providing the highest levels of comfort for the user; the tension adjustable backrest and removable armrests ensure optimum support for maximum user well-being. The Pronto M41 Power Wheelchair manages to perfectly combine style, versatility and adaptability creating the ideal chair for each individual. For a full list of all standard features, please see the product specification below.


Product Specification:


  • One Pronto M41 Power Wheelchair
  • Shroud colour: CANDY RED 
  • Superb indoor and outdoor performance
  • Easily navigates small spaces
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Boasts excellent stability and outstanding comfort
  • Black nylon tension adjustable backrest upholstery as standard
  • Width and depth adjustable seat as standard
  • Adjustable and removeable armrests as standard
  • Remote joystick with bracket as standard
  • Puncture proof grey drive wheels as standard 
  • Toolkit and charger as standard
  • Transportation kit as standard
  • Minimum seat width: 440mm (17.5")
  • Maximum seat width: 480mm (19")
  • Minimum seat depth: 410mm (16.25")
  • Maximum seat depth: 510mm (20")
  • Backrest angle: 4° to 44° 
  • Minimum overall height: 940mm (37")
  • Maximum overall height: 1100mm (43.25")
  • Minimum backrest height: 480mm (19")
  • Maximum backrest height: 540mm (21.25")
  • Minimum footrest length: 275mm (10.75")
  • Maximum footrest length: 465mm (18.25")
  • Minimum seat height: 455mm (18")
  • Maximum seat height: 555mm (21.75")
  • Overall width: 610mm (24")
  • Minimum overall length: 980mm (38.5")
  • Maximum overall length: 1030mm (40.5")
  • Battery size: 32 Ah
  • Speed: 4mph (6kmh)
  • Maximum range: 13miles (21km)
  • Turning diameter: 1020mm (40")
  • Maximum kerb climb: 50mm (2")
  • Maximum safe slope: 12.3%
  • Wheelchair weight: 82kg (13 st)
  • Maximum user weight: 130kg (20.5 st)

Pronto M41


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