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Invacare Rea Dahlia®

The unique and highly manoeuvrable, compact tilt in space wheelchair

The Invacare Rea Dahlia has it all, a slim, modern design, tilt options and easy adjustability. For those seeking mobility with comfort, and pressure relief, this versatile chair is perfect for passive and active clients.


The Dahlia features two tilt angles of either 30° or 45 °, which improves the positioning capabilities as the tilt and recline options reduce pressure. Component CrossCompatibility (CCC) across product families include the Flex3 seating.


Weight shifting with ease
The 45° option provides greater tilt possibilities, delivering excellent pressure relieving properties, which support the client’s most vulnerable areas. The unique construction of the tilt mechanism makes it light to adjust, requiring little muscle force.


An ideal chair for foot propelling
The 30° tilt option is suitable for more able clients who can readily propel themselves. The seat height can be as low as 32.5 cm, allowing the possibility to foot propel. Using the self tilt version, clients can actively change posture at will.



  • Easy to manoeuvre – rear wheels close to body for light pushing
  • Small overall width – narrow footprint
  • Easy to turn – adjustable rear wheels balance the centre of gravity
  • Very safe – DSS system maintains chair stability in every tilt position
  • Easy to operate – light movement with smooth tilt
  • Component Cross-Compatibility from the Invacare® family


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