The Star 2 Transit wheelchair is a new design from quality manufacturers Karma Mobility. As with all wheelchairs from Karma Mobility the Star 2 is made to high quality standards and will provide many years of reliable service with minimum maintenance.

Made using lightweight but strong elliptical aluminium tubing, the Star 2 has a very distinctive look thanks to its flowing lines. It has many features that make it a compact transit wheelchair suitable for those on the go who need to transport the wheelchair frequently. The seating system detaches allowing the upholstery to be washed with ease. There are brakes on the push handles allowing the chair to be controlled by an attendant.


The back is half folding so that it occupies less space when folded away for transport or storage and the rear wheels are quick release. With the wheels removed, the wheelchair weighs just 10.4kgs. The footrest hangers swing to the side or under the chair when it is time to transfer on or off the wheelchair.

Designed for users up to 115kgs or 18 stone in weight, the Karma Star 2 wheelchair comes in a choice of seat sizes of 16" or 18".

Star 2


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